Advanced Conference Call

Advanced Conference Call 2.0

Schedule conference calls with ease

Advanced Conference Call is a useful utility to help you schedule and make conference calls. It proves a good way to organize phone meetings using your BlackBerry. View full description


  • Easy-to-use call scheduler
  • Sends SMS notifications to participants
  • Auto-dials all participants


  • Doesn't integrate with the BlackBerry phone menu

Very good

Advanced Conference Call is a useful utility to help you schedule and make conference calls. It proves a good way to organize phone meetings using your BlackBerry.

If you regularly have to make conference calls for work, Advanced Conference Call can be a great help. You can use it to create a list of meetings, adding the name and description of the meeting before setting a time and date. Then you just need to add in the participants. You can select up-to four other callers, extracting them from your contacts book or entering them manually.

Once you've set up a meeting in Advanced Conference Call, you can quickly send an SMS notification to all of the participants advising them of the call. You can choose to use the default invite, or compose your own message.

By selecting a meeting and hitting the 'Call now' option, you will initiate the conference call. Advanced Conference Call will start phoning the first contact on the participants list, then automatically dial the rest of them in turn. It's a much quicker process than the default conference call feature in BlackBerry, where everything is done manually.

Advanced Conference Call is perfect if you plan your conferences in advance, although it doesn't add any value if you're making calls on the fly. The app doesn't integrate into your BlackBerry phone menu to provide conference call features there.

For professionals who regularly host phone meetings, Advanced Conference Call is a very useful tool.

Host your next conference call directly on your phone

Features: • Host up to four people in a conference call straight on your phone • Scheduler so you know for which conference call to prepare next and how busy your schedule will be • Send notifications to the conference call participants • Tight phonebook integration, so you can add participants with one click • Cleanly designed interface that makes it no effort to organize your calls How it works? All you need to do is enter the basic details of a conference call (name, brief description, date and time and participants) and press “Call now” to connect all invited participants in one conference call. The call can also be initiated by any of the invited people when the time for the call comes. Sometimes your business partners need you for a discussion as you are on the go. Do you need a device that can host a conference call and doesn’t require a separate bag to carry like your laptop does? You already own one – with Advanced Conference Call, your phone is all you need to have your business or personal conference with minimal effort. ACC allows you to effortlessly host and schedule up to 4 people in a conference call and send sms notifications to those who are invited. You can do all this without having to look for a place suitable for your laptop, Internet or a power socket.
Advanced Conference Call


Advanced Conference Call 2.0